Welcome to Burt Dubrow Productions

Multiple Emmy and Cable Ace Award winning producer, praised by industry leaders and the media for having “an intuitive sense of what people want to watch,” Burt Dubrow is credited with developing and producing many of television’s most successful shows and in doing so, constantly reinventing the genre.

Burt was most recently the executive producer of GSN GSN LiveLive, a daily program running on GSN, a cable/satellite network that reaches over 66 million homes. The program was hosted by NBC Sports anchor and Olympic commentator Fred Roggin, and  actress Heidi Bohay ("Hotel", "Better Homes And Gardens", "After Hours") and features a mix of interviews and interactive games with viewers at home. 

whateverBurt was previously the executive producer of Whatever with Alexis And Jennifer a nationally broadcast radio program, with hosts Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Hutt, carried on Sirius Satellite Radio's Martha Stewart Living channel 112. Burt Dubrow Productions is currently developing a televison format for Alexis and Jennifer as well.

Burt DubrowDubrow formed Burt Dubrow Productions, where he has been involved in numerous consulting and piloting projects with such companies as Fremantle Media, Discovery Networks, MTV and Nickelodeon as well as all four networks. He also served as executive producer on It’s Christopher Lowell for Discovery which aired for 8 seasons. Burt co-created and served as Executive Producer on The New Tom Green Show for MTV. Burt Dubrow Productions also produced a prime time special for TV Land which prompted TV Land to pick up new episodes of Alf’s Hit Talk Show. In 2006, Burt Dubrow Productions, along with Get Real Entertainment, produced 40 new episodes of the classic game show, "I've Got A Secret" for GSN (Game Show Network), updating a classic hit game show with a contemporary twist.

Dubrow targeted an unknown broadcaster and broke two traditional rules of television: radio personalities don’t translate to television and women can’t host talk shows, focusing on controversial issues – when he launched Sally Jessy Raphael.  This successful syndicated series spanned a phenomenal 18 years.  Named Senior Vice President of Programming for Multimedia Entertainment, Dubrow also saw potential in another little known local news commentator – Jerry Springer – and developed a talk show around him.  Burt served as Executive producer on both series.  Some of Dubrow’s other projects include:  Executive Producer of Dr. Joy Browne and Executive Producer for the syndicated series, Crook & Chase.

Dubrow began his illustrious career as the youngest ever Associate Producer of the local morning series on WLS-TV in Chicago, Kennedy & Company as well as three other shows.  From there, he became Associate Producer on The Mike Douglas Show.  He then moved on to executive produce all live programming for Warner Communications’ Qube, the first two-way television system.  While at Qube, Dubrow designed and implemented a wide variety of game shows that were the foundation of the Qube Network.  This led him to create and executive produce the first teenage talk/game show, America Goes Bananas, which won a Cable Ace Award and helped launch the Nickelodeon Network.  After leaving Qube, Dubrow spent four years producing ABC-TV’s, the Emmy award winning Kids Are People Too.

Dubrow has been fortunate to excel on both management and creative levels, giving him a varied and unique perspective of the broadcasting industry.  Burt is a 1950’s television buff and owns an extensive collection of memorabilia, ventriloquist figures, videotapes and kinescopes.  Born and raised in Westchester County, New York, he currently resides in Calabasas, California with his wife and two daughters.

Did you know that our hit show, "I've Got A Secret" was originally a hit show in an unamed foreign country? The natives in the jungles there would try and guess what each others occupation was. Even though the natives loved the game, it didn't last very long as there were only three occupations in the country.

When he was a young boy, Burt developed a love for the kids picturesshows of the 1950's and 1960's....most notably NBC's "Howdy Doody". He lived in the town (New Rochelle, New York) where the host and creator of Howdy Doody lived, Buffalo Bob Smith. Buffalo Bob actually owned a liquor store as the legend goes, and one day Burt came by to see if he could actually speak to his TV hero. (To be continued....)

howdy doody howdy-bob